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We have passed through the business investigation of Australia Lituo conmpany.  2011-4-7 2571
PetroChina International Reserves Qinzhou successful library project uses cable tray  2009-12-25 2934
Ningbo Wanhua Polyurethane Co., Ltd. won the bid Instrument pipe valves  2009-9-30 3165
Successful petrochemical project in Guangxi hydrogenation unit Instrument pipe fittings  2009-9-30 2961
I warmly congratulate the company's production lines rolling roller bridge fully operational  2009-9-1 2839
PetroChina Fushun Petrochemical Company won the bid ethylene project cable tray  2009-9-1 2915
Coal Gas Project on behalf of the successful tenderer Liupanshui instrument installation material  2009-8-8 1437
The successful tenderer of the Yellow River polysilicon project instrumentation fittings, explosion-proof pipe fittings  2009-7-4 1129
Quality assurance system through the 9000 annual review of  2009-5-19 1340
Two kinds of products have high-tech products in Jiangsu Province  2009-4-9 1304
Through the nuclear five companies qualified supplier qualification  2009-3-23 1356
The successful tenderer DME God Huaning Coal Project cable tray  2009-3-21 1352
Successful reform in Liaoning Huajin Group of ethylene expansion project instrumentation installation material  2009-3-21 1299
Winning project in Myanmar fertilizer meter bulk materials  2009-3-19 1538
The successful tenderer Liaoning Huajin Tongda Chemicals Company cable trays and instrument installation material  2009-3-19 1331
The successful tenderer Fushun Ethylene Project instrument cable tray  2009-3-19 1264
The successful tenderer Yanlian Yangzhuang Grand River Project and other bulk materials cable  2008-12-30 1341
Guangxi successful major oil refinery project instrumentation pipe valves  2008-10-5 1469
The successful tenderer Shaanxi Chemical Fertilizer Plant electric meter installation material  2008-10-5 1351
Two new products have passed the provincial Economic and Trade Commission of the Expert Group on Identification of  2008-9-17 1479

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